Frankfurt, Germany

I will not go into the whole saga that left me stranded in Frankfurt on the way home from Croatia, “courtesy” of Lufthansa Airlines, but nevertheless ended up with a day to kill in Frankfurt.

Being Germany’s financial centre, I didn’t expect much, but had a lot of time to wait until my flight back home to Jozi, so spent the day wandering the streets in Frankfurt. It turned out to be such a lovely city and I am glad that I had the opportunity to see it in between airport dramas.

The transport system is impeccable, the streets clean and the architecture really beautiful. There are plenty of museums and cafes, and a stroll along the river Main was really pleasant. The Jewish museum is quite interesting and devotes itself to portraying the history of Jewish communities in Frankfurt and Germany, complete with photos of the old Jewish quarters between the 15th and 18th century. LOVE city pics of the big cities way back in the day and comparing it to what it looks like today.

The main bridge in Frankfurt, the Eiserner Steg Bridge, is covered with gorgeous little “love locks” – where sweethearts affix padlocks to bridge railings to symbolise their everlasting love…sweet!

All in all, it was a really lovely city to experience, even though it was under rather unpleasant circumstances!

Traveller info:
I would not suggest flying Lufthansa at all, especially if in Alliance with SAA. Every flight I had with them there was some sort of big issue and my baggage was lost twice (still waiting for them to find it).
If you do decide to travel with them from Johannesburg into Europe, fly via Munich as there are more daily flights between Munich and JHB in case you miss your connection.
The train leaves from the Airport Terminal 1 in Frankfurt airport and goes straight into Frankfurt city centre. Choose the ‘Frankfurt Hbf’ option for your ticket.


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