When you fall down…

…pick yourself up again!

It’s really that simple.

After spending a good few days with my entire family, I finally get a moment to myself. I really do love my family, but I am so used to having all the time in the world for myself that I am about ready for a horse tranquiliser and a bottle of whisky right now.

I thought it might be safer to do a quick blog post instead (in the interest of my own well-being).

My gorgeous little 4 year-old nephew has just started to ride his bicycle without training wheels, and has unbelievable fearless factor. He rides that thing like there really is no tomorrow (not like yesterday’s false alarm – what was that all about anyway? Now I have to go apologise to people for my wreckless end-of-the-world behaviour).

The point is that whenever I spend time with this little guy, I learn something new from him. Today’s lesson was to do things with passion, enjoy every second of it, and pick yourself up again when you fall and go again. I think that a lot of the time, us adult people forget life’s basics and in that, forget to enjoy what we love to do. I mean fully enjoy them, not just a half-hearted attempt.

Lesson learnt…


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