Deli Su Casa – Fourways

Well now, people…I have found a little gem for you hidden away in Long Point Centre opposite Monte Casino in Fourways: Deli Su Casa.

This oh-so-cute little deli and restaurant not only makes delightful meals using fresh seasonal ingredients, but they also have good coffee and free wi-fi!

Almost every table has a plug point for your laptop and it seems that it is the trendy hang out for Apple users (although I’m not sure why anyone would voluntarily choose to be any other kind of user in any case, but that is a topic for another day…).

What I enjoy about their menu is that you can pick and choose what you would like in your meal – no silly fuss and extra charges for deviating from the menu. Perfect for us vegetarians and fussy eaters. We can just choose what they throw together for us, with no fuss.

So here I sit, at Deli Su Casa, blogging about sitting here at Deli Su Casa. Drinking the most divine tea served in a cute glass teapot on a burner.

Enough’s some pics and try it out.

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