South African Lipizzaners, Kyalami

Today I went to the South African Lipizzaners show in Kyalami. Not that I am a very horsey person, but the rich history behind these gorgeous animals and the amazing things that they train them to do does appeal to me.

And besides, it is always interesting to see how the upper-class live in their mansions with padocks in their gardens in Kyalami. So much of jealousy.

The show itself was good, although does not come close to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna performances, but at least it was a nice outing on a Sunday and I got a few good shots out of it too!

These beautiful animals are also in need of sponsorship, it seems, to be able to keep going, so if you are interested in this kind of thing, go check them out on a Sunday and help where you can. You can get more information on their site here.


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