10 Things to kiss goodbye today…

1. Negative people
You know those legacy friends that just can’t stop complaining? Life is really not so bad, let these people go, negativity breeds negativity.

2. Clutter
A cluttered space results in a cluttered mind. Keep your desk clear, it will help you think.

3. The guilt you feel when you eat something delectable
For goodness sake, what is life if you can’t enjoy those guilty pleasures? Ditch the guilt!

4. Credit card debt
Easy to say…stop swiping! A clear credit card account helps clear your mind to focus on more exciting things.

5. Old hurtful memories
You don’t need these. Remember the lessons learned from these and start making new memories.

6. Clothes that have become too tight
You’re not going to fit into those jeans you wore in high school. Buy new sassy ones that fit your body as it is now.

7. Those shoes that hurt you
Blisters are just not worth it. Wear those shoes you can dance the night away in.

8. Hard towels
Bamboo cotton towels will change your life.

9. Meat
Boost your health and do your bit for the earth at the same time. If the amount of hormones and toxins in meat alone doesn’t scare you enough, here are 101 reasons to go veg

10. Doubting your own ability to succeed
I think that we all have some insane skills that we don’t really tap into. Here’s to using some of that!

Now to take my own advice…


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