So bloody spoilt…

It’s happened quite a lot lately, where I get a sudden realisation of how fortunate I really am.

I was just sitting at the car wash now, having a little woe-is-me moment and immediately realised how silly that really is. I’m here with my Mac, my Blackberry and my Gucci sunglasses, waiting for other people to finish washing my car for me. Seriously?? I need a wake-up call!

There are so many people all over the world in such a state of despair that I cannot even begin to understand. I saw a blog post from The Big Picture (one of my favourite sites) the other day that touched my heart – it’s a post portraying pictures taken of Lybian refugees: Faces of the Displaced. The expressions on the faces of those refugees are emotions that I have probably never felt before in my life, and hopefully never will.

I need to be humbled.

I think we all could do with some humbling.


One response to “So bloody spoilt…

  • Big Daddy

    Thank you for this sobering blog post. I too, need a slice of reality flavoured Catch-A-Wake-Up Pie, baked in the Oven of Humility.

    Ashamedly, I actually read it on my iPhone while I was standing in line at Woolworths, pushing a shopping cart comprised of mostly over-priced luxuries and some premium-priced necessities. I then paid for my goods and drove home a short distance in my over-valued car, to a house where I have one person cleaning and ironing my clothes and another mowing the lawn.

    And my biggest woe-is-me moment was that the line was too long? How pathetic is that?

    I’d better eat some of that metaphorical pie and just STFU.

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