Cambodia – The Land of Smiles

The travel bug has bitten again. Hard and vicious.


So to psyche me up to spend all my money again on seeing the world, I thought I’d write a few blogs on some of my favourite travel experiences. I hope you enjoy them and it inspires you to go experience whatever it is that you need to experience!

The country at the top of my list of travel memories right now, is Cambodia, which I like to refer to as ‘The Land of Smiles’.

Khmer people are the friendliest people that I have ever met…and I’m talking genuine friendliness, you know…the kind where you feel that they are genuinely happy to meet you? As a traveller in a third world country (I mean real third world, not South Africa-style third world), you will always encounter the unpleasant hasslings of locals who want your money, but Cambodia welcomes you with open arms and a big, big smile. Okay, the exception would be a border post between Thailand and Cambodia, but even that was enough of a bizarre experience to think I’d do it again.

Considering what these people had been through with the Khmer Rouge brutality (a visit to the killing fields left shivers down my spine to this day – which is why you will not see any photos on this blog post of this),  still seemingly unknown to a lot of the world, the genocide and absolute inhumanity that they experienced seems to have made them stronger and they still manage to smile and forgive. Insane.

Okay, enough ramblings, a picture tells a thousand words…

Angkor Temples - Cambodia

Angkor Temples - Cambodia

Angkor Temples - Cambodia

Pra Thom temple at the Angkor Temples - Cambodia

Monk at the Angkor Temples - Cambodia

Sunset at the Angkor Temples - Cambodia

Deep-fried tarantulas in Siem Reap - Cambodia!

Khmer child in Siem Reap - Cambodia

"Tailor" in a market in Siem Reap - Cambodia

Remote Bamboo Island in Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Remote Bamboo Island in Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Sunset on Bamboo Island, Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Travel, travel, travel! That will be my mantra from now on…watch this space!


2 responses to “Cambodia – The Land of Smiles

  • Big Daddy

    I once ate a mediocre serving of Gong Bao Ji Ding (Kung Pao Chicken) somewhere in the vicinity of San Francisco’s Chinatown. While the dish was entirely forgettable, I did get the best fortune ever to sprout forth from a cookie. It read, “May you step on the soil of many countries.”

    And so I pass that on to you…

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