A Veggie’s dream – The Greenside Cafe, Greenside

The best part of being a vegetarian (well, almost…I haven’t been able to give up sushi, which either makes me a bad vegetarian or a good pescatarian), is the food. Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine a bland meat meal again after tasting creative vegetarian food!

With this in mind, @claremelina introduced me to the Greenside Cafe in Greenside, Jozi, and it definitely did not disappoint! This is an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the heart of Greenside, run by Dimitri Gutjahr, who is passionate about saving our planet. Check out their website and also be sure to have a look at their 101 Reasons to go Veg – quite an eye opener.

We ate there for lunch yesterday, which prompted me to blog about my own views on vegetarianism, starting with a focus on the yummiest vegetarian food I have ever eaten out. This is the first of a good few posts on vegetarian food and restaurants, I’m sure…

>The Cafe

The Greenside Cafe’s philosophy is all around integrity, love and mindfulness for human beings, other beings, and the planet. Their food is creative and delicious, and you can almost feel the kindness as you enter the restaurant. It’s almost always filled with yogi’s wolfing down piles of fresh, organic goodness.

I would highly recommend the pizza yogi – I have not yet been able to refuse it. Their salads are amazing and all their food is fresh, organic and so light on the environment.




This kind of food is so energising and so CLEAN.

I love, love, love good food ❤

If you know some other good vegetarian restaurants in Jozi, drop me a comment here and I’ll try it out.


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